Optimal blue

Oxo Optimal Blue

Simply efficient

  • Evaporation barrier =

  • Less heat loss

  • Less chemical use

Technical sheet

Optimal heat

Efficiency of transparency

  • Let the sun’s rays pass for maximum warming

  • Reduces energy consumption by 50% (additional heat pump or heater)

  • Extends the use of the pool by at least two months.

Technical sheet

Optimal care

Oxo Optimal Care

Protection between shadow and light

  • Optimized heating thanks to the solar collector effect

  • Limits the formation of algae by photosynthesis

  • Reduces the filtration time required for stable water

  • 70% savings in chemical use

Technical sheet

Optimal fresh

Oxo Optimal Fresh

Ideal hot country and heat wave

  • To keep water fresh

  • Reflection of infrared and visible rays

  • No algae formation

  • Prevents water and chemical evaporation

  • Stabilise la température

Technical sheet

Optimal protect

Ideal SPA and covered pool

  • Maximum insulation and water protection

  • Total Film Opacity

  • Complete ray barrier

  • No formation of algae by photosynthesis

  • Preserves the heat by convection of the film

Technical sheet
Download the comparative chart

The advantages of OXO

  • Patented bubbles
  • An optimized lifespan

  • Better preservation of water resources
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Enhanced water insulation
  • Scientifically proven performance

A tarp can be designed in the best way possible, if it is not used correctly it will not be able to last.

Here is an instruction manual so that the effectiveness of the OXO lasts the 5 years that we guarantee.

Download the instructions

And in 5 years, since OXO is made exclusively from Polyethylene (LDPE), you will be able to do something for the environment by rinsing it and placing it in the recycled bin.