An aerodynamic bubble

The association of two different bubbles studied to obtain pool covers with exceptional physical, thermal and mechanical performance.

It’s the perfect synergy between manufacturing, raw material and usage.


with a shape which gives it an extended lifespan (full 5-year warranty) and its uniform thickness which gives it real endurance against chemical attacks and time.


whose capacity is increased by the volume of air included in the bubbles (+ 78% compared to a traditional bubble) and which forms a contact barrier.

bache piscine isolante OXO


with a more efficient dispersion of solar energy thanks to the diffusion of UV on each lobe of the quadrangle.

A 100% French production

Resulting from 30 years of know-how, OXO is a high quality bubble wrap designed, manufactured and packaged 100% in France.


Our Customers really like Oxo Bubble and soon we want to push this product because the feedback we received has been very positive.

Oxo bubble can maintain the water temperature in an excellent way.

Valeria Frattini, AQUATECH SRL (Italy)

Perfectly adapted to the surface of the swimming pool, this cover successfully combines performance, technique and aesthetics!

Technical because again in this month of October we can bathe in water at 28 ° C….

Aesthetic because tinted transparent sky blue, it offers a large bright screen for evenings with friends…. !

Jean (30, France)